Please know that we ARE LISTENING

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Goal!  It's go good to know that we are gaining ground in this community and stretching the message beyond our community.  Please see note below from one of our members:

Hello Knightdale 100,

First of all, I am a member of the 100 so far by name only since I have not been able to attend any meetings and for that I am sorry. I do want to tell you that I have been in many talks with Debra Goldman and Chris Malone regarding the state of the schools in Knightdale. I am the Vice President of the PTA for Hodge Road Elementary and nobody knows the troubles knightdale schools have more than me.

With that said I wanted to tell you that I have been speaking with Mayor Killen and Derrick Burr to get an idea of what knightdale really needs so that I can make sure I can pass it on to the school board. For some reason, Debra has gone out of her way to speak to me and get my opionion about the schools in Eastern Wake and has adopted me as her contact for at least Hodge Road elementary. I want you to know that I pleaded for her and Chris to think of Knightdale when making their decisions especially regarding having a magnet school in Knightdale, among others.

I just wanted to let you know that there are other members of the community that are passionate about Knightdale and are working hard in the hopes that we can all come to our goal of having Wake County recognize Knightdale a little more than they have in the past.

Alhtough I have spoken with Debra many times I have yet to get her to visit one of our schools. She has mentioned coming out this Tuesday but obviously I cannot guarantee that especially with the school board meeting that day, just know that I will stay communicating with her and Chris so they do not forget Knightdale. Please read Debra's email to me below, hopefully this will give you some hope for the future...

"Dear Mr. Nourie,

Thank you so much for writing this. Hodge Road Elementary has been one of the schools that I have mentioned and asked questions about over and over again. I would like to look more closely at this and a few others that seem to have been "forgotten" (or something!) by the Superintendent and previous Board and staff. Please know that I AM aware of your situation, and eagerly looking forward to the implementation of some broad reaching changes that will take into account ALL of Wake County. As you are the VP of the PTA, perhaps you are a good contact for me to have. I would like to visit the school, perhaps a PTA meeting, and really try to get a first hand feel of what is happening, and how you are all dealing with this.

Please know that we ARE LISTENING.



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