Parents will miss superintendent

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


EASTERN WAKE COUNTY - Some Eastern Wake leaders see turbulent times ahead without Dr. Del Burns at the helm of the Wake County Public Schools.
"It's just a shame that someone who has led such a good school system is not there to support the school system any longer," said Tami Sakiewicz, a member of Knightdale 100, a grassroots education lobby in Knightdale. "I just thought he had a good direction and did a good job. And I'm just worried about what the future holds without him being up there."

Sakiewicz also is the president of the Knightdale High School PTA.

Knightdale Mayor Russell Killen said Burns' crowning achievement was operating a school system on less and less dollars and maintaining excellence.

"Dr.Burns was superintendent during a time of unprecedented financial difficulties for the school system," he said. "He managed with continued decreasing funds without impairing the education of the children."

Tina Lynn, president of the PTA at East Wake High's School of Technology, said she liked Burns because he cared for all Wake County students, rich or poor. "He's been good to care about the students who receive free to reduced lunch," she said. "I was disappointed when I heard he resigned because I'm wondering what direction we're getting ready to go with our schools."

"I think parents need to step up and get involved in what's going on in their schools," she said. "Parents have got to be there."

Knightdale High School guidance counselor Jackie Arnold said Burns' departure is just one more change for the school system, but she hopes that students will still be well-served.

"I think we were all kind of a little surprised," said Arnold. "I guess there's just a lot of uncertainty along with his departure and the new school board.

"As far, as how it will affect me, I'm still doing the same job, and I will still continue to do the same job and just hope everything works out best for the students," she said. "Every year it seems like we face another adjustment. I guess this is bigger than a budget crunch which we face every year."


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