Don't let the Town of Knightdale lose its voice!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't let the Town of Knightdale lose its voice! Please email and call our School Board Member TODAY and let him know that we respectfully request the town of Knightdale not be divided among districts as the new re-districting plan indicates. We request that our town be placed in only one district to ensure appropriate representation.

The current plan splits us between (see attached map):

District 1 (Northeast Wake) Chris Malone

District 2 (Southeast Wake) John Tedesco

District 4 (East Raleigh) Keith Sutton

WE believe we have 4 school members that want to stop this plan. We just need one more member to vote against it. We need Chris Malone to represent us on this one!

School Board Member contact:

Chris Malone:, 919-850-8865

To contact other Board Members:


If our town is split among three districts Knightdale will hold little power and be of slight interest to school board members because our vote will be diluted among the three districts (candidates). Additionally, we will need to turn to three different school board members to gain resolution to issues or problems in our town's schools. One of the School Board's guiding principles in re-districting was to respect municipal boundaries. Fuquay Varina was divided into two, but they are a community of 25,000. Knightdale is only 12,000 and chunked into three. Is this an attempt to squelch our K100 momentum? Why would the school board divide the town working so hard to improve its schools?

The re-districting vote will take place on Tuesday and would stay in place for 10 years! Please contact our school board member quickly. Feel free to use the wording above or create your own email.


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