Stop School board re-districting for Knightdale, NC

Sunday, May 15, 2011

If our town is split among three districts Knightdale will hold little power and be of slight interest to school board members because our vote will be diluted among the three districts (candidates).

Additionally, we will need to turn to three different school board members to gain resolution to issues or problems in our town's schools. One of the School Board's guiding principles in re-districting was to respect municipal boundaries. Fuquay Varina was divided into two, but they are a community of 25,000. Knightdale is only 12,000 and chunked into three. Knightdale citizens will have less than 3% of influence in this newly proposed district alignment.

Citizens of Knightdale would be lobbying to their new school board member, but that member would have no influence involving issues for the citizen's base school of assignment.

Please help out by signing the petition located here:


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